suspended ceilings

We undertake the installation of all types of office and commercial ceilings from suspended ceiling tile and grid ceilings to MF Ceilings. Faire rated ceilings and ceilings with acoustic values.


Suspended ceilings can enhance any office or warehouse environment.

A suspended ceiling can also provide an important fire break to the underside of a mezzanine floor with up to one hour’s protection between floors.It can provide improved spread of reflective light throughout an office area and can be installed to provide a plenum area to conceal air conditioning, electrical cable-trays, plumbing works etc thus giving a clean line throughout the area.

A suspended ceiling can also enhance the acoustic quality and achieve thermal insulation.MF ceilings provide a clean flat area created from metal furring and plasterboards which are taped and jointed or plastered, providing a good base for direct decoration.

Spacelink also supply and install bespoke bulkheads which are ideal as a ceiling feature for more decorative ceilings in reception areas, board rooms etc. and can provide a void for services, roof beams etc.

Suspended ceilings act as an extension to your existing ceiling. A grid is built from metal with metal channels within the grid and tiles placed in the channels, and they suspend from the ceiling with a set of wires. You will often see suspended ceilings in large offices or buildings to hide unattractive ducts, wires and such like. There are numerous advantages of suspended ceilings over other types. The main reason they are installed is to hide obtrusive wires and such so that areas of the ceilings are free from clutter.

Other reasons include levelling and insulation. Suspended ceilings have undergone much development and sound absorption is now one of the main reasons why people have them installed. Sound control can be enhanced by certain insulated tiles that can be put into the grid. If there could be a lot of noise expected from the room, then these tiles will insulate the sound, making your room almost sound proof.

Costs can be saved on utility bills, as you can add insulation to the suspended ceiling with there now being a ceiling void above you. Foam can be used to provide such insulation, or special insulated tiles are also available. Suspended ceilings are a great solution if your existing ceiling is uneven as they can be positioned to level it. Upon installation the grid is simply positioned to the required height.

If you want fluorescent light panels to provide extra light, there are many different varieties to choose from. Suspended ceilings don’t have to be entirely white either. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and designs and can really brighten your room if you wish.

If you are planning on painting your tiles, you should apply latex paint to achieve a professional looking finish. Talk to our team at Spacelink about your suspended ceiling options.

  • General access staircase to comply with current Building Regulations ‘Part K’ staircase in either 1200mm or 800mm widths to suit your mezzanine floor and usage
  • Tubular steel hand and knee rail for office or storage floors in a powder coated finish
  • Public handrail for general access floors in a range of designs and finishes
  • Sliding, folding and up and over pallet gates
  • Conveyors and goods lifts
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