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All types of mezzanine floor installations undertaken for both storage and office use. Making the most of your space.

Mezzanine FLoor Contractors

Spacelink has over 25 years of experience in mezzanine floor installation and the design and build of commercial mezzanines. From inspection and maintenance access areas, to small storage floors, multi-tier mezzanine floors for storage, production and office use, the range of applications are huge and our experienced team are here to make sure you get the right mezzanine floor for your building. We are highly experienced mezzanine floor installers. We are based in Sussex but work across the UK.

Warehouse Mezzanine Office

Spacelink have provided interior fit-outs for warehouse conversions for over 25 years. Often, dual-purpose spaces require both a floor space for warehouse activity and a separated area for acoustically insulated offices, meeting or break-out spaces. Rather than incur the costs of separate premises, warehouse mezzanine offices are an effective solution. Utilising vertical space, warehouse mezzanine floors avoid intruding on essential production and warehouse activity below. Furthermore, warehouse mezzanine offices may be installed to move existing facilities to another level in order to free up space on the warehouse floor.

Mezzanine Installation Company

As one of the best mezzanine installation companies in the UK, Spacelink’s unrivalled and unique service offers the full range of services. From a precise, detailed, competitive and speedy quotation turnaround to a professional design service and first class installation as well as aftercare. We offer a complete design and build service for a whole range of commercial mezzanine floor options suitable for any commercial or industrial application.

Why Mezzanine?

The installation of a mezzanine floor can enable companies to utilise unused space above the main floor area which makes it an excellent alternative to moving premises to acquire additional space in order to develop and grow your business at a fraction of the cost.

As mezzanine floor installers we design each floor to meet your individual building requirements, maximising the space at the floor level without minimising the ground floor usage.

The initial Survey and on-site dimensions are surveyed by qualified and skilled engineers to make sure we have the exact details we need to produce your design. As a mezzanine floor company we pride ourselves on not only delivering an outstanding level of design and workmanship but also delivering a project on time and on budget.

What Are Mezzanine Floors Used For?

The purpose of a mezzanine floor is to utilise vertical space. A Mezzanine will cover a specific section of the floor without compromising on the space below. Not only do mezzanine installations introduce a dynamic design but they also bolster a sense of high activity in the workplace. Mezzanines floors offer multiple uses and business premises may utilise these for:

●       Mezzanine Office / Mezzanine Office Block

●       Production Space

●       Meeting Room

●       Storage Space

●       Kitchenette or Toilet Facilities

●       Break-out Space

●       Added Retail Space

 As a specialist commercial office refurbishment company, Spacelink are able to fit your commercial premises to suit any purpose.

As well as installing your mezzanine and mezzanine staircase, Spacelink can take care of any electrical or plumbing work, mezzanine office partitioning and decorating requirements. In addition, suspended ceilings may be worth exploring when a mezzanine floor is installed as lighting, insulation or acoustics may need improving, particularly if introducing mezzanine office blocks or meeting rooms.

Core and Slab Sample

Spacelink use Approved Inspectors for rapid processing of Current Building Regulations and Fire Officer approvals to ensure that all installations meet with the necessary requirements with a final certificate issued once an inspection has been completed.

We offer approximately a 4 to 6 week turnaround from date of order to completion of construction (dependent on size of floor).

  • General access staircase to comply with current Building Regulations ‘Part K’ staircase in either 1200mm or 800mm widths to suit your mezzanine floor and usage
  • Tubular steel hand and knee rail for office or storage floors in a powder coated finish
  • Public handrail for general access floors in a range of designs and finishes
  • Sliding, folding and up and over pallet gates
  • Conveyors and goods lifts


The first step of the process will be assessing the requirements of your office, from the usage of the floor to multi-tiered flooring. Depending on the intended purpose of the floor, you may need planning permission. Following this, one of our engineers will assess the area including any potential safety risks, and the height and width of the space. 

When the necessary permission has been gained, we can begin designing the floor to meet your requirements, from the materials used to the number of floors and if storage abilities are required. Once the design has been approved by you, we can start construction. The build time can take several weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project, but it’s typically a much quicker option for expansion compared to relocating or purchasing a larger property. 

Building Regulations

The construction of mezzanine flooring comes with strict regulations. An assessment needs to be carried out by industry experts to ensure that the premise is eligible for mezzanine flooring – our engineers can ensure that Building Regulation approval is gained to ensure the installation is in line with the necessary standards. Planning permission is not usually required for this type of flooring, although there are exceptions, but we can assess whether this will be necessary before we commence the work. 

Fire Safety

The right ceiling can actually slow the spread of fire, which is why each ceiling has a fire rating depending on the effectiveness in slowing the spread of fire. The property may require a fire hood to keep the building safe during the construction of your mezzanine floor, as well as a smoke detection system both above and beneath the floor. This ensures that your property adheres to the relevant regulations.

Mezzanine floors FAQs

Mezzanine Floors - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?
Typically, no formal permission from a local authority is required for the erection of a mezzanine floor. However, there are some occasions when planning permission or Building Regulation Approval is required. Planning permission may be required if: ... External alterations are required to accommodate the floor, an external fire escape for example. All our mezzanine floors are built to comply with current building regulations. Spacelink can take care of all building regulation approval.
Do mezzanine floors need to be fire rated?
A mezzanine floor will need to be fire rated under the following circumstances: If used for any other purpose besides storage, i.e. if offices etc. where to be placed on the mezzanine If greater than 20 metres in each direction. If the mezzanine exceeds 50% or more of the warehouse or floor of where it is being installed.
Do you pay business rates on a mezzanine floor?
Depending on its use, a mezzanine floor in a warehouse or industrial unit could be exempt from rates. Giving you more space at a much lower cost than moving premises.
Are there any size restrictions on mezzanine floors?
There are no restrictions regarding size, shape or height for a mezzanine floor. It is also possible to have 2 or 3 tier mezzanine floors also.

Turnkey Projects

The running and every day function of your business is obviously your main priority. That is why Spacelink offer a complete Turnkey solution. Enabling our clients to have a ‘one stop shop’ with complete day to day management on all projects however big or small.

Case Studies

Precision Golf

Precision Golf is an existing customer for which we previously created a custom mezzanine floor. They recently acquired the unit next door and were looking for further work to transform their space.

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Ruhrpumpen Group UK Ltd

Ruhrpumpen Group contacted us in March 2022 as they wanted to refurbish their office space into a modern and bright working environment. We renovated their office space with all new partitions and lighting to create a light and airy space.

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Fresh Air Production

Fresh Air got in touch with us to create a communal workspace for them. We designed a modern and contemporary space tailored to them, reflecting their needs as a company.

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