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As experts, all our work is bespoke, depending on the brief given to us by the client – whether they are wishing for traditional or contemporary office design.

Commercial Office Refurbishment Sussex

Spacelink Commercial Interiors have 25 years of experience in offering high quality, expert design and finish to all projects involving office refurbishment. We have worked on highly successful office refurbishment projects across Sussex in towns like, Uckfield, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Brighton, Horsham and Haywards Heath as well as across the UK in major towns and cities. Our turnkey office refurbishment solutions are delivered to a very high standard and to your exact specifications - get in touch with our team in Sussex today no matter where in the UK you are.

Office Interior Refurbishment Specialists

Our expert team work closely to your office refurbishment brief and requirements to rejuvenate and revitalise your work space. Our office refurbishment service is a full start to finish process beginning with initial designs right through to installation and all the associated work and finishing completing the project, even down to installing office furniture.

We can provide small office lay-out alterations right through to complete projects for substantial office refurbishments and entire buildings. Our office refurbishment UK team, based in Sussex, are able to work with any office size and shape to deliver a fit out and service that is second to none!

Does Your Sussex Office Need A Refurb?

An office refurbishment is obviously needed if you are repurposing a space, have acquired a new commercial property or need to expand your premises. However, there are many other reasons to give your office a refurb.

If you can answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, it may be time to call an office interior refurbishment specialist:

  • Does your office space represent your company?
  • Are you proud to welcome clients into your office?
  • Are you providing an uplifting and motivating environment for employees?

With long working hours and rising levels of anxiety amongst the population, it’s becoming vital for workplaces to provide comfortable, inspiring environments that facilitate wellness. Transforming your office space can mean a better place to work which encourages loyalty and fuels productivity.

Well-designed office environments can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Impress clients
  • Encourage further communication and collaboration
  • Improve acoustics
  • Demonstrate growth and success
  • Grow brand identity and recognition
  • Provide some great brochure pictures and social media content

Bespoke Office Design

Every business is unique. Therefore, your business or office space should represent your brand and vision. That is why Spacelink are one of only a few office interior refurbishment companies in the UK that provide bespoke office design, working with 3D imaging.

We can translate any brief into a 2D CAD plan and 3D visualisations to ensure that your bespoke office design fully represents your vision. It can be difficult for clients to visualise a new layout or design, particularly if it’s a huge departure from what the office currently looks like. 3D designs provide a true-to-life rendering of how the project will look on completion, enabling clients to revise the plans until they’re completely happy with the result.

Office refurbishments can encompass a host of different elements, from decoration and flooring to internal partitions and electrical installations, depending on the requirements of your business. The design stage helps to establish the best fit out solutions to optimise your space and improve the flow of work through your premises. This can be especially important for businesses that host both warehouse or industrial operations alongside office units and meeting spaces. Spacelink’s expert design team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, thereby ensuring the design represents the needs and ambitions of your business.

Planning For An Office Refurbishment

An office interior refurbishment may be a complete transformation of a premises, including installing kitchenettes, mezzanine floors, suspended ceilings and other elements that enhance and repurpose the space. However, a refurbishment may be a more basic project involving new flooring, installing air conditioning or adding office partitioning. Whatever the scope of the project, Spacelink will work closely with you to ensure your commercial refurbishment meets your requirements and is carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our experienced office refurbishment UK team handle all aspects of the refurbishment, including:

  • Project management to ensure the refurbishment complies with building regulations and planning consent
  • Space planning to assess the office layout and maximise the space available
  • Office decorating
  • Partitioning, sliding and folding walls
  • Office flooring including mezzanine flooring
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Plumbing and electrical systems

Will Office Refurbishment Disrupt My Business?

All office refurbishment companies carrying out major works in your commercial space will cause some disruption. However, at Spacelink we understand that business cannot grind to a halt and that every hour counts. Therefore, with every office refurbishment project, we endeavour to:

  • Work to strict timetables and meet deadlines so projects are completed in a timely manner.
  • Work with you to come up with creative solutions so that usual operations can continue whilst office refurbishment work is being carried out, if possible.

Our goal is to create and encourage momentum in the workplace through an uplifting office refurbishment, so the last thing we want to do is interrupt your business. We keep disruption to a minimum by ensuring that our team is onsite and working to complete the work quickly and efficiently. Most refurbishment projects allow for the business space to stay operational and we’ll work with you to ensure business continuity and the safety of employees. This may be achieved through moving desks or work spaces to other areas temporarily, or by keeping to a work schedule that fits around your operations.

With over 25 years of experience, Spacelink are able to accurately cost and set specific timelines for any project. We work to specified budgets and hit deadlines as requested for any office refurbishment because we know how important planning and budgeting are when going through this process. We also know it is critical to minimise disruption in any workplace during a refurb so we work very hard to make sure our work has minimal impact on the work and the staff, often working with clients across Sussex to form specific plans to facilitate this.


What is an office refurbishment?
An office refurbishment is used when a space has become outdated or is no longer in line with your branding or how you want to present your business. It enables you to create an environment that is enjoyable and comfortable to work in, and that reflects your business in the right way to clients and staff.
How do I plan an office refurbishment?
The first step in planning an office refurbishment is to determine why you need to refurbish your space – what are the goals and objectives of the project? This will steer your decisions in terms of technology, furniture and layouts, as well as the general style. Consider design elements such as colour schemes, lighting and space planning. You will also need to set a budget for the project and consider how your business will continue to operate while your refurbishment is being carried out. We will work with you at every stage, from initial designs through to completion for a seamless process.
How long does it take?
Depending on the project, an office refurbishment can take between 8-12 weeks from initial consultation to handover. However, this will vary based on your requirements and the size of the premises.
How could an office fit out benefit my business?
There are various benefits to an office fit out, from creating a positive work environment for staff that can boost productivity, morale and employee retention rates, to strengthening your brand image, creating a space that works with your operations and maximising space effectively.
What is the difference between an office fit out and refurbishment?
Refurbishments and fit outs are closely connected, but they each have their own objectives. An office fit out is the alteration of the premises so they are functional for the tenant – this can vary from completely transforming an empty shell to adapting an existing space with additional features such as partitions or raised flooring. A refurbishment is a reimagining of what already exists, such as updating the technology, adding new flooring or replacing furniture for a more contemporary look.
What are the benefits of an office refurbishment?
Your surroundings play a key role in many aspects of your business, from attracting customers and clients to allowing for technological advances, promoting agile working and creating a positive company culture. With a refurbishment, you can be confident your office reflects your business accurately and that it’s a space your employees are productive in.

The Difference Between Refurbishments and Fit Outs

Fit outs are carried out on new office spaces while refurbishments are concerned with updating existing premises. It’s possible for staff to carry on working during a commercial office refurbishment, depending on the size of the space. Our contractors work efficiently to complete the project with minimal disruption by working on one area at a time, so teams can continue to work.

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Turnkey Projects

The running and every day function of your business is obviously your main priority. That is why Spacelink offer a complete Turnkey solution. Enabling our clients to have a ‘one stop shop’ with complete day to day management on all projects however big or small.

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