What Is The Mezzanine Flooring Design to Installation Process

November 3, 2023

If you’re wondering what it takes to get your mezzanine dream from concept to reality, Spacelink is here to share the process. As trusted mezzanine flooring installation experts operating in Sussex and beyond across the UK, we’re proud to maximise our clients’ space by bringing versatile, well-planned and wholly usable mezzanine floors into their working lives. 

What is a mezzanine floor - and why should I get one? 

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor installed beneath the ground floor of a commercial or industrial premises, like an office or a warehouse. Open to the floor below, it creates an area in which offices, storage, welfare facilities and even retail space can be separated from the busy operations of the main floor, without expanding externally or spending outon additional premises.

What is the design to installation process for a mezzanine floor? 

When businesses approach us, they’re often in need of a little guidance when it comes to where to start with their mezzanine floor ideas. Here is, by and large, what you can expect from the mezzanine floor process - both the concept,design and installation. 

Initial assessment 

Firstly, we’ll get an understanding from you about where you’d like your mezzanine floor to be installed, and what you’ll be using it for. We’ll take the time to gain an understanding of how your business operates, and what the best solutions would be to ensure a mezzanine floor only enhances those operations. 

Our engineers will then assess the space and the existing infrastructure, measuring the space available, and flagging up any considerations and, depending on your plans, advise that planning permission needs to be sought from the local authority. The height of the building, weight capacity and usage will all be taken into consideration during this site visit. 

One thing to consider at this point is the utilities that may need to be installed and/or rerouted (such as electricity and plumbing), and what you’ll need from the partitioning. If you have a busy warehouse floor and office space above, you may wish to consider acoustic insulation so that you have a quiet space in which to work and get together. These are both areas in which Spacelink can help - our experience in office refurbishments as well as mezzanine floor construction mean we’re a one-stop shop for a thorough installation.    

This assessment is an opportunity to really discuss the practicalities with our expert installation engineers - no question is silly as far as we’re concerned! 

A digital design 

Using software made specifically for the construction and refurbishment industry, we can create a 3D computer design that takes exact measurements into account to bring your ideas to life! This is where you can really start to see the extra space you’ll be enjoying, allowing the expansion of your business that you’ve long dreamed of. 

It’s at this point that some of the finer details can be understood, such as where staircases will go, how the space will be partitioned (if applicable), and where the safety elements such as handrails will be installed. 

A choice of materials 

Once the design has come together, it’s time to get practical with the materials that will be used to construct your new mezzanine floor. Our experts can advise you on the benefits of each material type, such as wood and steel, give you an idea of durability, and make cost implications clear (though it will still come in much cheaper than buying or renting new premises, or having an external extension built). 

You can believe us when we say that you’re in safe hands here - we stick strictly to building regulations to ensure that the structure is safe, usable, and lasts a lifetime if necessary. 


Talking of building regulations, it’s at this point that a thorough check of all plans made so far comply with the appropriate building regulation and codes - this is an essential part of the process and one that we take extremely seriously. This not only ensures peace of mind, but also prevents problems in the future, which could be costly and inconvenient to say the least. 


This is the exciting bit - watching it all come together! An office mezzanine floor can be installed relatively quickly, with a turnaround time of a few days in many cases. Rest assured though that our team are experienced experts, so the quality of work will be nothing short of exceptional, leaving you with a transformed space that serves your business perfectly. 

An inspection of the finished mezzanine 

We’ll make sure to do a final inspection of the mezzanine once it has been fully installed, ensuring that any snags get attended to ASAP. 

Find mezzanine installation companies in Sussex

We’d strongly advise that you select a trusted mezzanine floor installer if you’re looking to increase your industrial or commercial space in or around Sussex. Here at Spacelink, we’re proud to reassure customers throughout the entire mezzanine floor construction process, from design to build, to finally using that much-needed first floor (or first and second - don’t forget we can do multi-tiered mezzanines!) 

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