What are the benefits of mezzanine floor installation?

December 6, 2021

Mezzanine flooring is a popular addition to commercial spaces, creating additional space for your premises to benefit growth and the logistics of running a business. This type of floor is an intermediate floor built between two main floors, or between the ceiling and the ground floor, and it’s a great way of maximising vertical space. But what does the process of installation involve and how can businesses benefit?

Where can mezzanine floors be installed?

From warehouses and industrial spaces to offices and retail stores, mezzanine floors can be useful for various industries, and they can be customised to the specifications of each client. One of the most common applications for mezzanine floors is in industrial or warehousing premises to create semi-permanent floors that can be dismantled and relocated, if need be, for use as storage as and when demand requires it. Made from steel, aluminium and fibreglass, they’re durable and long-lasting.

Mezzanines can be used in commercial premises to store products and equipment – the high roof of stores or distribution centres are well-suited to mezzanines, allowing business owners to benefit from additional floors without needing to relocate entirely. In addition to storage space, mezzanines can be used to create floors for staff to work from, such as creating office flooring that’s set apart from the public. These types of mezzanines can be created in any environment with sufficient vertical space, using partitioning and glazing to produce a professional yet functional space that adheres to all the necessary regulations.

It’s possible to have multiple tiers of flooring, depending on how much height you have in your building. They’re a cost-effective way of maximising space, increasing productivity and improving efficiency. In fact, installing a mezzanine floor can provide additional space quickly with minimal disruption to your business and will provide a return on investment in a short space of time.

What does the installation process involve?

Mezzanine floors are customised to the needs of the space and the demands of the business, so everything from the size of the floor to the load capacity, access points to the materials are taken into consideration during the design process.

You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee the process and coordinate the project to make sure that it runs efficiently. When the designs are finalised, and the necessary planning permission and building regulations are approved, the components will be manufactured, ready for installation by an experienced installation team.

A single-tiered floor that doesn’t require fire rating can be installed within a matter of days, while a larger fire-rated floor will take longer. The time taken to complete your floor installation depends on the size, rating and regulations required, and how many tiers you’re having installed. Spacelink will go over the finer details in the initial design stages, so you’ll know what to expect before the installation begins.

Final thoughts

A mezzanine floor can enhance your existing commercial premises in a number of ways, and is typically far more cost-effective than moving to a larger space. We can assist you in making sure your mezzanine meets the necessary regulations and that the design works with your business needs and the terms of your lease if you do not own the property. From making the most of unused vertical space to providing extra work space for offices, storage or showcasing products, mezzanines are a practical addition that are easier to install than you may realise.

For more information about mezzanine flooring and the different options available for your business, contact Spacelink today. We’d be delighted to discuss your business’ requirements and advise how to maximise your premises with additional space.

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