Office Refurbishments: Improve Productivity with a New Office Design

September 20, 2022

The layout of your office can have a major impact on the productivity of your workers. From space-saving solutions to bespoke decoration, just a few changes to a workspace can increase both efficiency and morale. Here’s some office refurbishment ideas to help improve productivity.

Suspended Ceilings

Commercial suspended ceilings can instantly update your working environment, resulting in a cost-effective and stylish finish. Not only do they look great, but suspended ceilings also provide a host of different benefits to an office, including a better acoustic quality, increased reflective light and improved heat retention and insulation.


From a fresh coat of paint to installing digital wall prints, decorating your office space can ensure it not only looks the part, but also motivates workers, too. Whether you wish to make small changes or big modifications, a contemporary-looking office is sure to inspire some fresh ideas.

Personalised Conference Rooms

For many workers, empty white walls and dull lighting can lead to both boredom and an apathetic attitude for meeting those 5pm deadlines. Personalising conference rooms not only injects some life into the area, but also makes the space a comfortable and fun environment to work in. Accent walls, custom-made signs, modern furniture and colourful décor can reignite a worker’s passion for their role.

Glass Entrance Doors

A quick and easy office refurbishment you can make is fitting glass entrance doors to your office space. Glass doors not only create a clean, sophisticated and welcoming entrance to your office, but they can also provide a level of high-quality security and plenty of natural light. Safe workers are confident workers, so ensure your workspace is secure and protected.

Office Partitions

Office partitions, especially in offices with open-plan floors, can have a positive impact on worker’s productivity. Glass partitions, sliding folding walls and demountable partitions are just some of the ways you can divide a workspace in order to benefit from a well-organised office layout. Whether it be to reserve privacy and confidentiality in meetings or to separate desks that carry out distinct job roles, office partitions can encourage an organised and constructive workforce.

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