Everything you need to know about glass partition acoustics

September 20, 2022

Everything you need to know about glass partition acoustics

Office environments require private and quiet working spaces, and glass partitions can solve this need. You can also utelise them for breaking up work spaces without affecting the ‘open plan’ feel of an office. There is a lot to consider when installing acoustic office partitions, and we're going to run you through them in our blog. 

You can get single or double-glazed partitions. Double-glazed partitions are typically used where sound reduction and privacy are essential. 

We measure glass partitions by their sound insulation or sound reduction performance. The Sound Reduction Index (SRI) determines how much a glass partition can reduce sound. Double glazed glass partitioning can offer sound protection of 40-44dB. To put that into perspective, these are the level of some common sounds:

  • Near total silence – 0 dB
  • A whisper – 15 dB
  • Normal conversation – 60 dB
  • A lawnmower – 90 dB
  • A car horn – 110 dB
  • A jet engine – 120 dB
  • A gunshot – 140 dB

This level of privacy means that conversations are barely audible, and loud noises are only just interpretable. 

Double-glazed frame systems allow for internal blinds, providing additional privacy. This can also block even more sound to increase seclusion. Glass partitions can also be branded or frosted to create physical privacy as well as audio privacy. 

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